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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tyler Lenius

“There are a billion guitar players and weekend warriors that like to play, but only a handful can sing.”

Photo by Stephen Woloszyn

Photo by Stephen Woloszyn

“Can’t you see what your love’s done to me....you made me crazy...”

The crowd goes wild in Spring, Texas, as a magnifying, young artist jumps off the stage with his electric guitar, and while on his knees, shows off his guitar skills, as well as a voice as unique as his performance. He is the perfect description of AC/DC meets Jimi Hendrix meets The Black Keys.

The sun is setting, and the concert continues as he draws more and more onlookers into his tangled web of talent, and just when you think you have heard it all… BAM! He’s on his back, playing guitar. The adrenalin from performing live in front of an audience has electrified him. Like he’s done this for years, he dances back and forth on stage and once again shocks the audience as he slides down on both knees and starts playing his red, electric guitar with his teeth. The fans go crazy.

The performance comes to an end and shortly thereafter you hear the announcer come on stage and pronounce, “Welcome the Toadies to the Texas Crawfish Festival!” This young man had just opened for the Toadies, a popular alternative rock band from Fort Worth, best known for the song “Possum Kingdom.”

Who is this young man? As the lyrics he sings seep deep into your soul, you find yourself reliving moments of your life and seeing them in a new light. You may suddenly find hope out of moments of despair. You may get lost for a brief time until the sound of the “Rock Gods” comes to you through an insane guitar rift. When you come out of your musical coma and glance on stage, it is Tyler Lenius standing there. Tyler Lenius is an up-and-comer from Winnsboro, and he is taking the local music scene by storm.

Photo by Stephen Woloszyn

Photo by Stephen Woloszyn

The moment Tyler’s dad brought home an AC/DC album, the inspiration began for Tyler to take that unique sound and make it his own.

At the age of 11, Tyler started teaching himself the guitar with the help of his father, who showed him only three notes. Shortly after, he quickly learned many of the songs played by his musical idols, the band AC/DC. Then Tyler’s grandfather introduced him to Jimi Hendrix. This changed how he experienced music, and he began the transformation into the one-of-a-kind performer he is today.

Tyler’s dad Richard Lenius told him, “There are a billion guitar players and weekend warriors that like to play, but only a handful can sing.” Richard was right. Tyler needed to be able to play guitar, sing, write, and have a big stage presence to have the kind of career he wanted out of music.

By the time Tyler was 14, he started writing his own music and performed his first live performance at the age of 16.

Tyler has written over 100 songs and performs between 20 to 25 of them. He prides himself in one song he wrote, “Just Want You to Know,” which was inspired by a girl he was in love with at the time. Besides performing songs he has written, Tyler also performs many rock and roll cover songs such as “100 Dollars” by the Manchester Orchestra, as well as an infamous version of “I Got Mine” by the Black Keys.

A small town kid with big dreams that include getting signed to Gibson and filling arenas, Tyler says that if the music scene doesn’t pan out, he may fulfill his career by becoming a comedian. Let’s just say, we don’t think there will be any new comedians anytime soon.

For more about Tyler and his music and shows, visit his website or Facebook page.

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